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Nemesis body:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the Nemesis body.

Other taunts while in chat
When youre on Xbox Live in the waiting room for a game or in one of the chat rooms you have 8 taunts that you can do. The first four are activated by pressing the X,Y, Left, and Right buttons/triggers. To do the extra ones, click in and hold the left thumbstick and press any of those buttons/triggers to get another four taunts.

Evil boss body:
Successfully complete the game in single player campaign mode.

Rocket Dodging, PPC, and general tips
Whenever you see a rocket coming at you. Start running in one direction if you want to dodge it. Then, when it's fairly close, go in the opposite direction, if you did at the right time, it should wiz harmlessly by your vehicle.

Don't try holding onto a PPC charge all the time. Unlike in the previous game, it will dissapate after a bit of holding it at full charge and I think you use your ammo doing this too.

Strafe and use nearby cover as much as you can when your a small mech and a distance away from somthing like an atlas and the like. However, when your up close, run circles around'em and you'll blow'em the hell in no time.

Make sure you observe the mech your fighting before you start shooting away. for example, the enemy could have pulled their shield up that defends against one of your good weapons, and you don't want to waste the fire power of an upgrade.

Some mechs deal out a hell lot more damage with some weapons than other mechs do. For example, the kit fox, If I remember correctly, is a mech with no arms, and two huge missle packs on it. What you want to do while fighting one, unless your something like an atlas or the like which would get hit by the missles dead on for being so huge when you closed the distance, is get close, and pound away at it. The machine gun is now an engine of destruction of level three, and will tear the shit out any mech quickly. Think about what weapon and range a certain mech is proficient with, then use the appropriate weapon and range to counter that and beat the hell out of it.

Exit pre-game lobby:
Open the "Game Details" screen at the pre-game lobby. Press B to close it while running at the wall with the large window. If done correctly, you will be outside the lobby.

New character model
Beat the single player campaign of Mechassault 2 on any difficulty to unlock the character model of the "evil boss man" you fight throughout the game. After you unlock him you can select him as your new model for your profile.

Go outside the Lobby on Xbox Live
To go outside the Lobby on Xbox Live, keep running into the wall, and eventually you will be transported outside the Lobby into space!

Hidden chat and waiting room taunts:
Enter a chat room or waiting room on on Xbox Live. Click and hold the Left Analog-stick and press X, Y, L, or R.