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Great Fun, esp. if you enjoy removing spyware and trojan viruses from the computer as well

1 Rating: 1, Useful: 4 / 6
Date: June 14, 2006
Author: Amazon User

The game is fun. My stepfather spends hours playing both golf and bowling every sunday for the last couple of months. He never tires of it. It's almost as if he's autistic or something...maybe he's never played a 'video game' before. Fast forward to years from now..oh look! he's still playing polar golf. Thus, it's safe to say it's worth your money. Especially since they added to the value with some extras that you won't even know are there until...

blammo, pop ups on .. firefox?? I thought i disabled those! OOoooh. I get it. The publisher included some spyware that installed with polar bowler and golf. Now i get coupons popping up that can't be closed. We'll just get rid of those with spybot. But wait: there's more!

This spyware did something to the machine that now prevents me from properly obtaining a necessary windows security vulnerability patch. But wait: there's more!

It also introduced what an online virus scanner refers to as a 'trojan' .. must be more spyware but i better fix it up since it breaks my firewall software.

So in conclusion, polar bowler is fun.

Sports Fun

3 Rating: 3, Useful: 4 / 6
Date: June 01, 2007
Author: Amazon User

With games we can download from the internet, they can be both fun and exciting. While there are so many of them that have delivered, others just are annoying. Still, there are some exciting games that really are worth the money they are made. Mumbo Jumbo has made some of those games that have worked very well like Super Collapse and Luxor, a knockoff of Zuma. Still, they have had some better games like the Polar Bear series. This series has absolutely been one of the big surprises that you could sample and play. But does the games actually deliver for the computer, like they did online?

Polar Games for Windows XP computers, consists of two of the great games from the Polar Sports series, the classic and fun Polar Bowling and Polar Golf. The Bowling game includes some great unlockables, as you unlock new lanes and characters like a goofy walrus as you try to strike your way to the top. The controls here are very simple to manuver as you use your mouse or touchpad if you have a laptop. There are extras that can help like zappers, bonus multipliers and bombs. There is also polar golf, which isn't as exciting, if you've played games like Mario Golf, but it is a lot of fun to play, as you play through 18 holes of mayhem. The gameplay is easy in this game, but I just wish that there could've been a lot more holes to play.

All in all, Polar Games isn't a bad pair of great sports titles. Although Polar Bowling is worth the purchase, I wish there could've been more like Polar Baseball or Polar Tennis to play along with. If you haven't played these great games before, you should buy this great game as a trial.

Graphics: B+

Sound: B

Control: B-

Fun & Enjoyment: C+ for solo players; B- for Multiplayers

Overall: C+

Polar Games is so much fun!

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 3 / 4
Date: June 09, 2006
Author: Amazon User

I just love the cute Polar Bear characters in this game. I have played both the bowling and golfing game for hours. My husband and kids have enjoyed it too - this game is great for families. I encourage everyone to try this game out!!!

Great Game - Polor Bowler & Golfer

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 2 / 2
Date: January 11, 2007
Author: Amazon User

These are 2 of the best games.
Makes time fly by.
Polar Bowler is great and challenging.
Polor Golfer is a great game to play with 2 player and test your skills.
Hours of enjoyment for adults and kids.

Polar fun

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 1 / 1
Date: January 04, 2007
Author: Amazon User

I downloaded this game over the internet, then my computer crashed and had to be reformatted. I lost the game. I had changed internet providers so I couldn't download it again. I was so happy when I saw the game on Amazon. I bought it and I love it! I've unlocked all the lanes and characters and I have lots of fun

Best games in the universe!

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 0 / 2
Date: October 11, 2006
Author: Amazon User

There should be screenshots of these games next to the word 'fun' in the dictionary. Absolutely addictive and very well priced. These are the top of the line in casual games. Also, check out the latest game in the 'Polar' franchise - it's called POLAR POOL! I think it's over on WildTangent's site.

Fun Polar Games

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 0 / 1
Date: November 07, 2006
Author: Amazon User

We really enjoy the Polar Bowler game. Very fun and worth the money. I would recommend the game.

polar bowling

1 Rating: 1, Useful: 0 / 2
Date: September 17, 2007
Author: Amazon User

I can't get it to work yet on my computer!!! It's a black box that appears in the center of my screen!!! :-(

Good value games that are fun to play

4 Rating: 4, Useful: 0 / 0
Date: August 26, 2007
Author: Amazon User

For the price, probably two of the best PC games currently available. They are a bit challenging but not difficult to learn and play. They will entertain for hours and you will keep coming back to try and do better each play session. Both games allow you to post your highest scores online, or you can just keep track of high scores locally with or withhout Internet access.

In real bowling a score of "300" is considered a perfect game. In Polar Bowler, a score of at least 300 is well within reach even if you have never bowled before. However, you'll be amazed at how many other people have reached higher scores than you. Nothing like a little competition to hold your interest.

Overall, these games are really meant for children, but adults can enjoy them as well. Even better, they can be played by the whole family, each member taking a turn, while competing against one another. Polar Golfer provides more variety during the game, from hole to hole. Polar Bowling has variety too; there are several differently themed bowling lanes and bowler player characters, but you will have to unlock them by scoring at least 250 points per game.

The concept of "unlocking" additional game features is common to both of these games, and adds to the challenge. However, you won't have to play each game for more than a few hours to unlock all added features.

Like most casual games there are a few obvious flaws that detract from your complete enjoyment of Polar Games. The worst is unique to the bowling game. You must reenter your player's name, at the beginning of each game. There is no way to "save" your name for later recall, and it gets really monotonous enter your name over and over again. BUMMER!

There is a sequel to Polar Golfer called Polar Golf Pineapple Cup. This version is somewhat more challenging, and also has an 18 hole course but in a tropical Hawaiian Island setting. The course has a lot of changing elevations, volcanoes and lava flows. Just like Polar Golfer, you can steer the ball in mid flight and aim for colorful rings on each fairway each worth bonus points, free shots or a big boost in travel distance.

In either of these golfing games, if you hit the ball out of bounds, there is a two stroke penalty. High scores in the Pineapple Cup are generally much harder to achieve, but with practice a hole in one on certain holes can be achieved.

These games will become addicting, even for adults, and that is the true hallmark of any really good PC game.

Polar Games are the best

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 0 / 0
Date: September 23, 2007
Author: Amazon User

Polar Bowling is fun and entertaining for any age. My kids ages 9 and 6 love to get the needed score to open new lanes and characters. the bowlers are easy to navigate. Polar Golf is a bit harder for the little ones, but still fun to keep trying. If you love humor with your game this is a keeper.

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