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Very Addicting

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 26 / 26
Date: May 18, 2000
Author: Amazon User

I have been a long-time fan of Hoyle games. This one has the typical features you would expect, except they've added a face making feature. This is really cool. You can create some really outlandish characters with this game. The only thing I found disappointing was the narrow list of players. Hoyle Board Games has ten characters you can play with. This version only has five.Enigma was the first game I tried out. For those of you who are familiar with cryptograms, this is pretty straightforward. For those that aren't, this is a game of code-breaking.Next, I tried anagrams. This was especially hard for me because the game was timed and those stupid monkeys really annoyed me. Turn their voices off, if you're easily distracted. Crosswords is just that, a crossword puzzle. An enjoyable game with a solve letter feature that won't give away the whole word. You can, of course, solve the word or the entire puzzle if you're stumped or tired of it.Double Cross is fun and frustrating. It's a two-player Scrabble game. You'll win or lose points based upon where you put your tiles. And, you have to out-think your opponent. I beat the computer once with this game.Speedy Racer will test your typing skills. This game is especially good for kids who are learning to use the computer.Word Searches isn't very challenging, but it's a good way to relax. I haven't played Hangman yet, so I can't rate this one.Enigma was the second game I played. Once I got the hang of how to work the codes, it was a lot of fun. There are messages, proverbs, and sayings you have to solve.Word Yacht is my ultimate favorite. I beat the pants off the computer eight out of eleven times and really enjoyed doing it. The object of the game is to type in as many words as you can from the lettered dice. The trick is to use as many plurals as you can.The graphics are very good. The sound effects and music are good. The levels of difficulties are the same as the previous Hoyle games. Overall, I think this game is their best. I would recommend this for both children and adults.

Great Game!

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 11 / 11
Date: May 10, 2000
Author: Amazon User

I got Hoyle Word Games from Amazon.com a month ago and haven't gotten tired of all the games in the CD-rom. Threre are 8 different games in a CD-rom and all of them are awesome!

My favorite is "Hangman", which provides you several different formates like classic, playing against a player or two different players. You will be able to guess a ramdom word, a word under cerain category or a proverb. I enjoy having different crazy and funny opponents playing "Hangman" with me! Plus, the settings for Hangman are really delightful!

Also, "DoubleCross" is another great game in this CD-rom. This game is more like a scrabble game, but even more interesting. I learn a lot of new words from the game and also have a great time playing with my friends.

I think this game is both for kids and adults. If you like word games, "Hoyle Word Grame" is something that you won't want to miss!

Best of the Word Games

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 4 / 4
Date: July 09, 2002
Author: Amazon User

I got this based on the previous reviews and they are right on target. This is by far one of the best I've played so far. I like the fact that you have several computer personalities which range from easy to tough, and you can also control the level of play for each game. I usually tire of games after a while, but I think this will keep me challenged longer than most. If you like word games, you'll love this!

Great game!! Buying the next one!

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 2 / 2
Date: February 27, 2003
Author: Amazon User

I actually stole this from my father-in-law to play for a couple of days. That was almost 3 years ago. FAb games! You can actually play scrabble my yourself or someone else. Great for word game enthusiast! Highly recommend.. I am buying the 2003 soon!!!

Seirra Does it again!

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 1 / 2
Date: September 18, 2002
Author: Amazon User

I have all the sierra hoyle games. I like them all. Word Yacht is by far my favorite on this program. It is really fun to play against others on the web. Or if you prefer you can go to the web and watch others play as well as go to your private table and practice before you join in. I would definately recommend this program!

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