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Original and FUN!

4 Rating: 4, Useful: 12 / 13
Date: June 08, 2004
Author: Amazon User

After reading numberous reviews that trashed this game, I tried it out anyways (though expecting little)!
True, the AI is kinda stupid, the graphics are certainly lackluster, and the story is truly arbitrary and forgettable.
Despite these flaws, Future Tactics is fun!
I am a fan of tactical games, and this is certainly an original spin on the genre. You control multiple characters on each map and your turn consists of moving and performing an action within the map. Often times you have the entire map to trod around in during each turn. You have a large circle of movement place around your character. Depending on how far you move, you can even move again after shooting 'er whatever. With most characters, your firing range is as far as you can see through the scope.
The enemy AI is very stupid, but they make up for it with their ability to communicate your position if just one of them sees you.
And the environment is COMPLETELY DESTROYABLE!! What fun! Nothing like blowing a truck off the road and down a cliff with a bazooka! If it's on the screen, chances are you can decimate it (or destroy it completely)!
The levels are often very drawn out and this game has received criticism for being tedious. I'm sure I am in the top %10 of people most likely to quit ANY game the moment it starts to become irritating, but this game never got under my skin. Sure you have to play levels multiple times before beating them, but you get to destroy the terrain every time! :)

Another little problem with this game is that during the story, a few characters will leave your party without any warning and take with them the power-ups you padded their arsenal with. Yes, it sucks (especially if you maxed out that specific "deserter" like I had) but even if you end up stuck with a bunch of under-powered wussies on the last few levels, you can still beat the game with a little enginuity and very little frustration.
Also, the 2-player mode has a bit of extra stuff you can unlock (and unlocking things is always fun) and is well fluffed up (even though I'll never take advantage of it).
The camera is fairly cooperative, too! Once you start using the first-person view to reset the camera behind your character, there really isn't a problem. What a blessing!!
The originality of this game is its true strength. Once you've tasted it and liked it, you're going to have to come back to it simply because there aren't any other games like it and you will crave it!

What a long review.
All in all, if this game sounds appealing to you, the price is right! It's obviously not a big budget project, but it's got the heart to make up for its shortcomings!
Fully Recommended!

It's not just random slaughter

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 1 / 1
Date: February 19, 2006
Author: Amazon User

O.K. I can say, with reasonable assurance, that not many people will read this review. I'm going to give it one because, personally, I think it's a pretty good game. The graphics, though not polished to a ridiculously high sheen with blood and various body parts flying around, serve the game very well. After playing, and enjoying it immensely, I realized that the makers of this game did an exceptional job on the game environment. The sparseness actually added to my enjoyment. I knew exactly where I was at all times. It's a tactical game, but doesn't require a ridiculous amount of planning, foresight, and knowledge of actual military strategy to enjoy. Almost everything is destructible, and you can use the debris you create for cover. This aspect of the game really comes in handy. In short, it's a tactical game that everyone can enjoy if they give it a chance. If you're the type of gamer who likes blood for blood's sake, and just enjoys running around with your lazer guided, supercharged, big as a house, nuclear warhead tipped assault weapon, or enjoys those craptastic thug games that revolve around being as big an a--hole as possible, by all means keep right on playing your little shoot-em-ups until your weapon is as big as the Hoover Dam. If you would like to play an immensely enjoyable game that, I think, is different from the rest, and stands on it's own very well, buy it. I know I really love playing it.

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