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Even Grandpas play it!

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 14 / 17
Date: March 05, 2008
Author: Amazon User

I bought this game for the kids and they love it! Grandpa came over to visit and was watching them play it, after a while he wanted to try it so the kids showed him how to use the Wii controller and away they went. Now grandpa and the kids are constantly doing flying kicks around the house and throwing ninja stars at the furniture...I have a house full of ninjas!!

It's educational too

4 Rating: 4, Useful: 10 / 11
Date: March 16, 2008
Author: Amazon User

At its core the game is like any other reflex-based Wii game.
What sets it apart is it places it in the context of the Martial Arts.
At first glance one would assume then that this game is about hacking and slashing enemies. Actually it really isn't. It actually gives you the same kind of advice you would normally hear as part of real martial arts training. This is done through a video game sensei who spouts wisdom to you as you are playing the game (kind of like Mr Miyagi in Karate kid or Cain in Kung Fu).

The game motivates you to continue by allowing you to take tests after you have practiced enough of the core skills. And you earn belts when you pass each test.

There is also a guided meditation session which actually teaches you how to meditate. This is unheard of in a game today.

So in the end this game is actually quite educational.

Be A Ninja!

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 7 / 7
Date: March 09, 2008
Author: Amazon User

This is one of the most awesome fun games I have ever played. Me and my friends have always been interested in Ninjas but now we can become one! Move up the belts and increase your ninja speed! You can even pick your ninja name with presets in ex (Patient, Skillful, Speedy) then (Wolf, Dreamer, Grasshopper) I thought that was really cool this is definatly something you should buy and will have fun with for a long time

busy mom

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 6 / 7
Date: March 12, 2008
Author: Amazon User

Love this game. My six year old daughter is having a great time earning her belts. Lots of fun for the rest of the family too!!!

Reminds me of my youthful ninja training!

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 5 / 6
Date: March 24, 2008
Author: Amazon User

Like all good ninja, I was force fed the secret arts of the ninja by my overbearing sensei/father, expecting no less than perfection from his slacker ninja son. It wasn't easy at the time, but playing Ninja Reflex has helped to remind me of those growing years, especially during my coming of age trial where I was blindfolded and dropped in a forest with nothing to defend myself but my keep ninja sense and '10 fingers of death' at my disposal. As I battled my way through rival ninja clans bent on my destruction just to make it back to my dojo and be named an official ninja warrior for my village, it made me think how much fun it is to be a ninja, and how everyone should have such opportunities!

Now with this game you can relive your brooding ninja youth as I have and become a better ninja for it!

With great power, comes great ninja reflexes!


4 Rating: 4, Useful: 3 / 4
Date: June 12, 2008
Author: Amazon User

At first I figured Ninja Reflex from Electronic Arts was going to be just another fighting game. In reality, Ninja Reflex is a PRE-fighting game. Afterall, you can't expect to go out and defeat the enemies as a measly white belt, can you? You are welcomed by your sensei into his dojo will you will learn to move as quiet as a cat and to strike as quickly as a cobra. Reflex is the key word in the title of the game. Making full use of the Wii's capabilities you'll will need to think quick and react quicker with your hands, wrists, and fingers as you master the various reflex games and rise in rank. You get yo pick your Ninja's name from a variety of first and last name combinations. The more belts you earn, the more combinations you unlock up to a max of 25,00 different name combinations!

There are six different reflex games: The Shuriken, Hashi, Koi, Katana, Hotaru, and Nunchaku. Each game requires different skills to pass the tests. As you progress through the game, more tests are added to each of these six games, getting more and more difficult along the way. You have to collect five out of six possible jewels in order to attempt the Belt Test. Here, you have three challenges to face. Your Sensei will grade your performance once you are done with all three. If you pass, you gain the next belt color ranking. If you fail, you are forced to go back and re-earn the jewels in order to try again.

You'll use one of the Ninja's most notorious weapons in Shuriken. You must lock onto a target and then make a flicking motion to throw your Shuriken. You lose a point if you hit a Geisha.

In Hashi, you must use your chopsticks to catch flies and put them into a spinning bowl. As the game gets harder, the master will tell you which color of fly to go after and the flies move faster and faster.

Koi, finds you having to grab fish from a Koi pond. There are three different sizes of fish to grab. The big fish are slow and easy to catch but are only worth one point. The smallest fish are worth three points but move very fast. You have to grab them right at the split second that they break the water's surface and be careful not to scare the other fish.

In Katana, you use your Wii controller as if you were holding a sword. When an enemy Samurai swings down at you twist your controller horizontally to block his sword and then a quick flick to kill him. If he swings from the side, twist vertically instead. The enemies come very quickly and in larger numbers as your skill grows.

Hotaru is truly a measure of reaction as you must quickly must press the A button on the remote as soon as you see a firefly. Your time is measured in fractions of seconds so be quick!

Finally there is the Nunchaku game. Start by making a sideways figure eight with the Wii reomote, swinging your nunchaku in a smooth pattern. Get ready because the Sensei is about to start throwing everything but the kitchen sink at you and you have to smash it out of the air.

Ninja Reflex isn't a very graphic or sound intensive game. Both are solid but there's nothing exceptional about either. Ninja Refelx's payoff is the game play. You'll work your arm, wrist, and hand unlike any other game. The one weakness is the repetitiveness of the games. Yes they give you different challenges to catching flies and throwing Shuriken, BUT, it's still catching flies and throwing Shuriken over and over. It's a fun diversion game and it's a great party with its multi-player capability but it's nothing that will immerse a single player for a long time.

Should be 4 stars! Great idea & graphics, FPS presentation, perfect controls

4 Rating: 4, Useful: 2 / 2
Date: April 22, 2008
Author: Amazon User

I love the idea of this game & why I was dying to try it. The Sensei acting is well done, the graphics are top notch & beautiful to look at. The feel is totally elegant Asian, no hint of corniness. The set-up is mini-game style. You get to pick a 2 word pre-choice pick of several words that sound like a good ninja name.
There are 6 types of games: throwing deadly stars to moving targets, catching koi, clicking when you see fireflies, catching flies w/chopsticks, using nunchucks against objects thrown at you & swordplay in the woods against moving human enemies. Each of these types has 6 sub types of games that are very similar that you have to unlock as you earn your belts/higher level. After completing the unlocked games under each type of game, you take your belt test to move on to the next level. When you pass, you unlock another game iof each of the 6 types of games. You also unlock 10 new words & can change your name at any time. Should you give up during the test or fail, you will have to repeat all the games that the belt test involved.
You view everything like a first person shooter which really makes you feel you are there. (The secret to immersing people into games.) Like all the reviews from various websites, we all love everything about it... except the lack of different types/weapons of games & the similarity of the different sub styles of those. Everything uses the wii remote like as if you were doing it for real, great accurate use & creative use of it. Even the nunchucks respond well enough for smooth play. Ehen catching flies, when you have one, it vibrates & the speaker makes a buzing noise. Many reviewers of game sites, etc. had issues w/swordplay & thought it was broken. SUCCESSFUL KATANA/SWORDPLY CONTROLS EXPLAINED: The secret is just to move the remote to left or right or up to block the attack only AFTER the enemy starts his attack & you know which side to block. Too soon & you will miss, flailing about will also make you fail since you will probably go in the wrong direction first & you only get one shot to do it the correct side & w/speed. The only issue is the throwing stars, you have to point & lock on a target, then throw, but that is becasue of the limitations of the wii remote, not the game.
The first levels are VERY easy but it progressively gets harder of course, asking for more points in shorter time, by the 5th of the 10th level, average adult will really have to pay attention & might not succeed the first time.
The only thing this game needs is MORE games, maybe there will be a number 2!

Screenshots, video gameplay & reviews: youtube, gamefly, IGN & many other sites.

Rent it first!

2 Rating: 2, Useful: 2 / 2
Date: June 11, 2008
Author: Amazon User

I rented this from Blockbuster, thank goodness. The idea is great but the execution was very poor. Its basically 8 mini games with little replayability. This would have been great if it was shipped the an extra controller instead of Wii Play. But to pay full price for this is insane. Each of the games are unique and fun, the first time you play it. But thats it. A game will last for 2 minutes max. There was no total score for all games played. Just the score of the 2 min round. Then you start over again. *SNORE*

It's ok

3 Rating: 3, Useful: 1 / 1
Date: May 07, 2008
Author: Amazon User

This is a decent game for what it is, though I found it to be not challenging enough and ultimately quite boring. I suppose it's my own fault, I wasn't sure exactly what the game was about. I was hoping there would be more fighting, instead a lot of stuff is done for you. As I said, it is a decent game and the mutli-player mode is a little bit more amusing, but it wasn't what I was expecting.

The Katana as well as the Nunchaku section is difficult to control and I suspect that if I didn't do anything it would still work the same way. These are the only two where there is any fighting, if you could call it that. Shuriken is boring and again hard to control. It is about target practice. Hashi is ok, it's a little bit too easy though. The objective in Hashi is catching flies. Koi is more difficult and the funnest. This is catching fish. Hotaru is definitely the most boring. All you do is look out for fireflies. If you're expecting it, I guess it could be fun. But as I said, I was hoping for more interaction, fighting, or at least better controls.


4 Rating: 4, Useful: 0 / 0
Date: May 06, 2008
Author: Amazon User


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