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Operation Neptune: A Hidden Gem!

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 2 / 2
Date: March 16, 2006
Author: Amazon User

This is probably the best Learning Company game ever put out! I used to own it when I was about six years old, but then the disk got scratched and it didn't work. Then, about six years later, I was surfing Amazon.com and said, " I wonder if they still sell that game.", So, I typed it in and there it was. I was so excited that I almost died! Anyway, you are a submarine looking for pieces to a crashed space capsule. And you have to outrun (or shoot with ink pellets) many kinds of fish, and if you get hit by them you loose a little bit of oxygen (which you get at the beggining of each sector, or when you hit a dolphin). The game is pretty long, and will keep you busy for a while, which is good because you never get sick of it! I call this game a, "hidden gem", because not many people know about it! In all this is a must-own game, and Amazon sells new copies for VERY low prices so I suggest that you buy it now!

Operation Neptune

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 2 / 3
Date: May 31, 2004
Author: Amazon User

In this game, you are a submarine sort of thing. You get to navigate your way through the ocean reefs to find little message capsules that will eventually lead you to a ship that needs assistance (?). I have never finished the game, but then again, it takes a long time. It's lots of fun, though. You have an air supply, and every time you hit a fish, or something shooting from a fish, or certain plants and parts of the 'walls', then you loose air. You get air at the beginning of every level, and you can get extra if you touch a dolphin with an air pack on its back. Every once and a while you will have to answer a question, most (all?) of the time involving math. If you get it wrong, you loose air. Also, you have ink balls to throw at fish and plants that with keep them away from you while you go past. As the levels progress, it's harder to navigate to get all the capsules, the math questions are harder, and there are more difficult fish you have to get by. So it's not a character or adventure game, it's a learning game, but it's fun. I can't really say the age level of the game, considering everyone is different, but I'd say between 11-14 years of age this game is best for.

Operation Neptune Rules!!

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 1 / 1
Date: August 30, 2005
Author: Amazon User

YOU MUST BUY THIS GAME!!! It is educational and fun all at the same time! It is so fun that you dont even realize you are learning algebra!

Operation Neptune

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 1 / 2
Date: July 11, 2004
Author: Amazon User

I remember when I got this game, along with my first computer... I think that it was a Windows 98. Seems like a LONG time ago, but this game was about the best that it got.

It supposedly teaches you math, and it does. I think. But the whole reason that you play it is because it gets addictive- and I'm not quite sure why. You swim around the ocean picking up gray shells and red-green-gray things, and you get pieces of an outer-space transmission that is supposedly part of a shuttle that fell into the water.

There are two levels, voyager and expert, and both levels are different, which is pretty cool... the graphics are not great, I'll admit to that. And I'm pretty sure that it doesn't work with XP. But, the point is, when it came out, I had some kind of great time playing it. And I probably still would, if it worked with my computer... reminds me a bit of those old arcade games that have two bars and a ball thing, and, amazingly, it keeps you occupied for hours...

Operation Neptune

4 Rating: 4, Useful: 0 / 0
Date: June 27, 2008
Author: Amazon User

Operation Neptune is an incredibly fun yet challenging game and is a wonderful mix of mathematic skills and entertainment.

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