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EQ: Lost Dungeons of Norrath: Adds (some) new life to game

4 Rating: 4, Useful: 15 / 15
Date: November 22, 2003
Author: Amazon User

This is a review strictly of EverQuest: Lost Dungeons of Norrath (LDoN). As this package does not include the basic game, and is only an expansion, this is not a review on the game as a whole.

While there is a lot of talk about how one can do many different things in EverQuest, for everyone but the most obsessive tradeskillers, it comes down to killing things and taking their stuff. The various expansions have let players do this in the jungle, on a frozen continent, do it on the moon, in a pirate stronghold, or in the homes of the gods themselves. In all of these locations, players move through areas shared with other players -- sometimes only a handful of other players, but in some cases up to 100 or more people interested in the same content.

This new expansion breaks that model for the first time, by creating content on the fly for players, in the form of dungeons for groups numbering 3 to 6, that ONLY exists for them. (Other players get their own instanced copies of these dungeons to explore.) While some players feel this flies in the face of the Multi-User Dungeon game tradition that EQ grew out of, it's a welcome change to not have to look over one's shoulder for other players at all times, or to have to compete over special "named" monsters and such.

The five LDoN dungeon "themes" (groups of different layouts in related dungeons) dynamically create content for groups from levels 20 to 65. The good news is that this makes the expansion potentially useful for the vast majority of players. In practice, however, it means players will be seeing a LOT of the same stuff, over and over again, as the creatures in a level 20 version of Deepest Guk are the same as in the level 65 version, just with different names and of a lot higher level.

The much-ballyhooed adventure points received for these adventures is something of a mixed bag as well. While it does allow players to save up for loot they want (in a codified version of a system a lot of player guilds have come up with on their own), the points were never really balanced for any characters other than the highest level ones -- it will take rougly 24 missions for a level 20 shaman to save up for a level 24 Spirit of Shrew spell (an indoor-useable movement speed increase spell that also allows its subjects to see in the dark -- quite a nice spell for low level characters), and by the time they've earned all these points, they will likely be level 29 or 30. Things get better after level 60, but prior to that, there is a great deal of this head-scratching lack of math on the part of the development team.

Likewise, the "interactive objects" -- chests and vases that players can open up and loot -- are better in theory than in practice. While they add a much-needed dimension to EQ, these items are relatively rare and almost are always trapped (including many with traps that can kill a group more or less instantly). In addition, two thirds of them require spells to deal with, and these spells are even more expensive than other low level spells, meaning most groups under level 60 simply won't be able to access this content. And, assuming all those hurdles are overcome, the loot inside ranges from OK (the same as any named NPCs in the dungeon might have had on them) to a mere handful of coins, calling into question as to whether the extraordinary efforts needed to open them were worth it after all.

Having said all that, the dungeons themselves are a great deal of fun, and offer 90 minute bursts of intense excitement, with rewards of several types awaiting successful adventurers. LDoN is not perfectly implemented (both Velious and the Planes of Power were far better designed and offer much more to a player), and is perhaps somewhat light on content for the cost, but overall has to be counted as a success, and is superior to both Legacy of Ykesha and the deservedly derided Shadows of Luclin expansion.

Recommended for EQ players between the levels of 20 and 65 who group up often and who already own Scars of Velious and the Planes of Power expansions.

Still waiting for a group

3 Rating: 3, Useful: 14 / 18
Date: October 27, 2003
Author: Amazon User

LDoN is a nice if not frustrating expansion for EQ. Whether or not it's for you depends on your game style and patience level. However, you must be level 20 or higher and you will need to be somewhat experienced with EQ to do well. A quick summary of Pros and Cons:

The graphics and sound are terrific.
There are several dozen dungeons to group in.
Each dungeons is an "instance"; that is, your group is the only group in that dungeon.
No respawns. Once you kill something it's gone, so if you need to get out in a hurry, your way back to the zone will be empty.
It's impossible to lose your corpse. Corpses "pop" outside the dungeon entrance after adventure is over (if you don't get a rez of course)
Experience is currently good, but will likely get lowered (nerfed)

Figuring out how to "get started" with LDoN is somewhat complicated. Fortunately, enough people know how to so all you have to do is ask
To start an adventure you MUST have at least 4 players and the number of levels between the highest and lowest must be 7 levels (some argue it's 8). More often than not, more than 4 players is required and it can take a very long time to get a group together. This is the biggest downfall of the game and why I became tired of the expansion so quickly.
Currently, most groups look for the same class of players, so some classes tend to take much longer to find groups (if at all). For example, warriors and enchanters generally have no trouble, while druids are usually picked just to fill the 6th spot.
New items are purchasable only with Adventure Points, which are gained through successful adventure completions. Even the higher-priced items don't seem that great for most classes.
You tend to find alot more bad attitudes in LDoN as adventures tend to go very well or very badly. When they go badly, I've encountered many people who tend to get personal and insulting.
Although there are different "themes" for the dungeons, the overall quest is the same: kill, loot, kill, loot,...
The quests have a maximum time of 90 mins plus an additional 30 to complete a failed mission. In addition to the time finding a group, running to dungeon entrance, and splitting loot, the amount of time required can be several hours for one adventure.

Power Leveling

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 6 / 7
Date: December 24, 2003
Author: Amazon User

A very well spent $25. No need to camp for good drops or loot anymore. The "instancing" of dungeons in the game for your party only ensures that you and your party are the only ones in the dungeon. It automatically adjusts the difficulty to the level of your party (so have highest level enter first for best loot and experience). The dungeons are supposedly for between 4-6 persons, but don't try it with only 4 unless your party members are "super-twinked" and experienced with good communication. Add the weight-reducing bag you get for doing the easy quest, and it makes sense to buy this retail version..with the "digital download" you don't get a bag. Don't forget to upgrade it to the 10 slot Giant bag by doing a bit more quest work. - Susy Whorton

LdoN Review, By Madriin 65 Druid Quillious Server

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 4 / 6
Date: October 24, 2003
Author: Amazon User

WOW!! another expantion, what was EQ thinking? well whatever it was they were right. not only is this expantion the newest instalment it is also one of the best. Some of the best parts or LdoN is you dont have to be a 60+ to get a grp anymore .. you can take your lower characters and take them into adventures, to get adventure points, new drops, or some of the best EXP or AA xp in the game. You dont need to have a full grp you can just take you and 3 of your buddies to an adventure camp and request an adventure. Or you can take your whole GUILD and do an adventure raid. Augmentations drop, what they are is a NO DROP piece that you add to your Inventory armor to make your stats even better!! Say you have the Shield or Bane Warding and it has 20 WISDOM now you win a /ran 200 and get a +6 Wisdom augmentation now your Shield has 26 WISDOM cool huh? This does make your armor NO DROP after you add this to it. But dont worry you can take them off if you get an Upgrade. The Dungeons in LDoN are amazing, the mobs are very cool looking and the drops are even better. The more dungeons you win the more adventure points you get. The points are used for UBER gear, auments, spells, and charms. Just to let you know EQ is going forward so if you want to become one of the elete you need to get all the expantions. all in all i give Ldon a 5 out of 5 and recomend it to all HARD-CORE EQ players. XP on newbies !!! have fun

Corporate policies

3 Rating: 3, Useful: 4 / 7
Date: May 29, 2004
Author: Amazon User

Problem with EQ is that Sony has decided to consider paying customers as a secondary concern. Here are some of the problems you will face in purchasing this product.

Firstly, if you don't have every expansion, then Sony will attempt to get you to buy that expansion with a pop up window. Never mind that you are already paying them to play their game. Friend of mine got all but the latest expansion and got harassed immediately the day he signed up. Current expansion (Omens of War) doesn't come out until August. They started harassing us 2 or 3 weeks ago about it. This will continue on a daily basis and there is no way to play the game without dealing with it. You can't ignore it or escape out of it. There is no way to turn the solicitation off. Not Sonys policy. Glad my playstation doesn't do the same thing.

Secondly, bugs can take weeks or never to be fixed. Sony has been prioritizing releasing expansions and making changes to the game instead of fixing the bugs that have been present for some time. For example, boats were a long standing problem (years) that never worked properly. Boats are a method of travel through zones and sometimes the only way to get into a zone. With Gates of Discord what do they add? MORE BOATS. Yup, these didn't work either. Go fig.

Customer service. Well if your having issues in game, it will take anywhere from hours to weeks to get assistance. The only way to receive help is to stay logged into the game until you get a response (and hopefully you will be looking at your screen at that time). If you log out, your request will be deleted. They tend to have many loopholes as far as player assistance is concerned. Like not having 'exact' verbage for example. Also, if you need outside technical help, the employees working for Sony will either tell you to petition in game (see the beginning of this paragraph for how effective that is) or tell you to check the online help file. In game help is a strictly volunteer basis (ie they are not paid employees) so they have no obligation to log in frequently.

Now if all those problems don't detour you, here are the benefits. Other people I have met online can be a joy to work with. EQ is a game designed for grouping and it is strongly encouraged. Many zones to explore with various mobs to fight. Quests are fun for items or faction (exp is always negliable). There is tradeskilling, which can be tiresome but also a good way to bring in income. It is a hack and slash game though. Don't you think otherwise. Thats the only way to get any exp to level.

Regarding this expansion, this is by far one of the best expansions they have come out with. If I had to recommend expansions it would be Planes of Power, Shadows of Luclin and this one. Everyone is doing adventures the problem is finding people to do adventures with that are within 7 levels of your characters level. Great expansion... too bad the customer service is sub par.

Solid Everquest expansion

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 2 / 4
Date: April 18, 2004
Author: Amazon User

Solid expansion to the MMORPG EQ - Basically you get a group of 3 or more and enter a Dungeon (5 themes, 8 random dungeons each) and a "quest" to do while in it. You get 90 minutes for a normal risk and i think 2 hours for a hard. You and your group go in, complete the mission, go back out and you get Adventure points which you can eventually use to buy NICE items from the merchants.

I suggest buying this only if youre over level 20


5 Rating: 5, Useful: 1 / 1
Date: September 24, 2003
Author: Amazon User

I have been playing everquest since the trilogy came out. Some guys at work were obsessively talking about it. Finally decided to try it and have been playing ever since. It was getting a little old till the LDoN was released. Now there are once again new items, and the new dungeon system rocks. Only your group enters the dungeon once you recieve an adventure. No more camps, and once you kill a mob it stays dead for the rest of your time in the dungeon. When you succeed an adventure, you get favor points with which you can spend on items at the camps. Also, you can buy or receive in the dungeons augments. These add stats and other powers to weapons.

I gave this expansion 5 stars for the improvement and ingenuity it has brought to the Everquest world.

Best of the Expansions

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 1 / 5
Date: November 10, 2003
Author: Amazon User

I've been playing EverQuest(EQ) since the Ruins of Kunark release. I have all of the expansions available for EQ. Out of all the expansions this one takes the cake. Most players can only get to a handful of the zones offered in the other expansions without the aid of other players which makes them (other expansions) frustrating. In this expansion All the adventure zones are in the original released zones on EQ. People MUST group to do an adventure. The timer on each adventure adds to the excitement. Win or Lose Players are bound to have fun!
*please note that you must reach lvl 20 to enter an adventure. Oasis is a good place to work on your high teen lvls-High lvls are around to take down the giants and buff you up if you ask NICELY! (entrance to an adventure is in this zone)

LDoN is great

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 0 / 2
Date: September 29, 2003
Author: Amazon User

First of, if you are just starting EQ, this expansion has nothing to offer you until you get at least on of your characters up to level 20. This could take you between 1 week and a few weeks depending on how much you play and how much you focus on leveling up.

With that being said, this is a great expansion. Find or create a group of up to 6 people and ask for an adventure. You will get a dungeon created just for your group. You'll have 90 minutes to complete the adventure.

This is great because you know what your time commitment is. If you're a casual player you know you aren't expected to be there in the group for the next 6-8 hours to help everyone. And the time goes fast since the action really doesn't stop while you are in the dungeon, at least it doesn't stop if you want to finish in time.

The dungeons are well designed, and you would be surprised what the designers have been able to do with a graphics engine as old as EQ's. It's all very immersive!

I would strongly recommend this expansion to anyone. It puts a different kind of fun into the game.

great game

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 0 / 2
Date: September 30, 2003
Author: Amazon User

this game is awesome. will provide years of play for you. it is interactive so if you dont like to talk to people from across the country/world dont play it. soloing can be very difficult later in the game. so you are going to have to group. i have played this game for a few years and it just keeps getting bigger and better. it is a great rpg and if u need a site for help on getting started and etc. instead of complaining ask someone in the game. i will provide an excellent site for you. it is www.allakhazamsmagiclarealm.com or something like that. i highly recomend this game for anyone who is 9 and older. and i hope this review helps. if you have questions about the game i may be able to help at stevestonewall15@hotmail.com.

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