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Activating Theater Mode
The Theater Mode gets opened up after you beat Story Mode once with whatever character. At that time you are able to listen to the stage soundtracks, view the movies of the character you just beat Story Mode with and the attract movies (Arcade Intro, PlayStation2 Intro, and E3/TGS trailers). As you beat Story Mode with each character the movies will become available in Theater Mode. Getting all movies requires you the beat Story Mode with both Kuma and Panda as well as Christie and Eddy.

Anna Williams
Beat the game in Story Mode twice.

Anna: Look under skirt
Choose practice mode and select any character as player one. Select Anna as the practice dummy. She can be in any costume. To unlock Anna, complete her story in story mode. You may choose any stage. Knock her down with a special attack. Her back should be facing you while she is down on the ground. Then, move behind her.

Arcade History Dip Switches
While at the press Start screen for any of the Arcade History games, hold the Select button and you will be given a list of dip switches. You can use these for things as changing number of rounds or unlocking hidden characters, such as Baek in Tekken 2.

Baek Doo San
Complete Marduk's story in story mode.

Bruce Irvin
Beat Story Mode 4 times.

Earning Game Money
You earn money in Arcade Mode, if you play higher ranked CPU opponents you will be rewarded with a higher amount of G after defeating the opponent. The money earned per fight in Arcade Mode ranges from 800G to about 4000G. In Arcade Mode you will also encounter random roulettes which multiply your winnings. The fastest way to get some money in the bank at first is to unlock the endingd for all characters by completing Story Mode with everybody. This gets you 100,000G per character for the first time through only.You can also collect money while playing 'Devil Within' and are rewarded an extra 100,000G upon completing the quest.

Final Stage 2
Play 200 matches in arcade mode or beat the Devil Within game.

Gaining Ranks Quicky
In order to gain ranks quickly you must play opponents of the same rank as you are, same as it is in the arcade version. When defeating CPU opponents of the same rank as your character it usually only requires 3 to 5 wins to get a promotion.After your fight has ended in Arcade Mode you can select on of 3 opponents with the directional pad, you can't always select an opponent with the same rank but do so when one is available. You;ll have your character rank maxed out in no time.

Beat Story Battle or Time Attack mode 7 times with a different character.

Getting Expensive Items For Free
That's right, you can get a bunch of the high priced items for free when you play 'Devil Within' a second time after you have already completed the quest. Various expensive items will be scattered around throughout the game.

Beat Story Battle or Time Attack mode 9 times with a different character.

Hidden Story Mode Interludes
Don't always be quick to defeat the Story Mode interlude opponents, in some cases when you lose you get to see a different movie as part of the story.

Jinpachi's movie
To unlock Jinpachi's movie in Theater mode, you have to lose to him and get a game over using any character in Story Battle mode.

Julia: Look under skirt
Choose practice mode. Select Hwaorang as player one and Julia as the practice dummy in her Indian clothes; press Triangle. As Hwoarang, use a special attack to knock down Julia. Julia may be facing belly up or down. When she is down, move behind her to see under her skirt.

Beat Story Battle or Time Attack mode 6 times with a different character.

Beat Story Battle or Time Attack mode 8 times with a different character.

Releasing All Characters
Keep beating Story Mode with different characters until everybody but Devil Jin is released. There is no hidden 'off screen' characters. What you see is what you get.

Roger Jr.
Complete Kazuya's story in story mode.

School Girl Ling
Get 50 wins in vs mode, then press RP to select the character.

Secret Garden error
When playing in the Secret Garden stage, your controller will stop working and you cannot control your character. It happens for a minute when the battle starts. You will notice it when the background music starts fading and then stops.

Stage Select for Devil Within
Beat Devil Within once to unlock the stage select feature.

Unlock 'Starblade' in 'Arcade History' mode
Beat Story Mode with every character (including Eddy Gordo, Christie Monteiro's extra costume) to unlock 'Starblade' as a selectable game in Tekken 5's 'Arcade History' mode. It appears farthest right (after Tekken 3).

Unlocking Devil Jin
You can unlock Devil Jin by either completing the 'Devil Within' side game or playing a bunch of games in Arcade Mode, VS Mode or Story Mode. 200 or so games in Arcade Mode seems to unlock him after you have unlocked all the other characters.