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my laptop battery is running low

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 42 / 45
Date: November 15, 2000
Author: Amazon User

Be very careful with this game. It is so much fun and so addicting that you will find all your conversations beginning with : "Guess what my sims did today?" I have had this for 2 weeks now and most of my spare time is spent playing the game. I do not normally play video/computer games! It is complex, challenging and SO MUCH FUN.

Create ex-boyfriends - stick them in a room, then delete the door. Watch them die! (if you have a sick sense of humor). Make all the women sims fall in love with each other! Think before you have a baby. You'll never have fun or peace and quiet again.

You can drag your mp3s into the music folders (music->stations->rock or latin, country, classical) and have the sims listen to the music you want!

For the mac version, to use the cheat to get more simoleons : hold down shift+command+c in the upper left corner you'll get a window, type in rosebud. This cheat is wonderful if you like to build big impressive houses, castles with moats even! Why make your sims work when they can be millionares and concentrate all energy on falling in love?! If you aren't a cheater then buy a computer which makes job hunting so much easier. Find the cheat to see your sims au natural online...

This game is sooooo addicting that you may find yourself dreaming of sims - thinking of things to do to them while you are away from your computer and then wondering how _your_ bladder is doing!

Love, life, food, death, drama, music, money! What more could you want?

I can't wait for Livin' Large to arrive at my door!

No Downloads Available

3 Rating: 3, Useful: 53 / 72
Date: August 04, 2000
Author: Amazon User

This game has been a hit seller with the PC and it is a truely fun game for all ages. Ive been playing the PC version and there are a lot of fan sites/third party sites where you can download new clothing for your sims, new furniture, new floors and wall paper designs all created by people and third parties. Its amazing what people can come up with! The only downside to this Mac version is that all these things you can download for your game, are only available for the PC version. I tried downloading some on my iMac, but they are simply PC files and will not work with the Mac version. Because of this you are stuck with the clothes and floors that come with the game. Im not saying there is anything wrong with the games included furniture, clothes and wallpaper, its just that you could expand the games possibilities more with these downloads. Even the "official" downloadable objects from Maxis are not even available yet. Maxis and Aspyr are currently working on this.

So this is not to stop you from buying the game, it is just to inform you that the Mac version of the Sims may not be as expandible as the PC version.

Unbelievable... Aspyr has put the human experience in a box!

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 25 / 28
Date: July 09, 2000
Author: Amazon User

When I first heard of this simulation being released for PC, I must admit I was skeptical. I mean, it sounds crazy to consider simulating life. I assumed any success of the game would be due to the popularity of past "Sim" games. Never have I been so wrong! When The Sims was released for PC, and met instant fortune, I knew I had to have a Mac port ASAP! We owe this wonderful port to Aspyr because you simply couldn't release a great game without support for a great computer.

So, "The Sims" has managed to allow the ordinary gamer, to become some persons fate. Scary as it is, it is also intoxicating, to have someones life in our hands. You will be tempted to ruin some lives, and start others... all of this is possible with "The Sims."

Many people don't know, but the creator of "The Sims" had originally set out to create an architecture game. Eventually, he realized that he was adding more and more people to the point where people were the game, and architecture, a commodity. Regardless, the original theme has carried over to "The Sims" and the user may design his sim's home and property.

Maybe one of the coolest tricks... is that of the shopping. Gamers can buy their sims new things (ie. TVs, furniture, etc...) only enhancing the reality of this game. But of course, there's more...

While the game is not about romance, there is enough to keep it from being rated "E for Everyone". Still, it isn't too much for the average kid. It IS a family game, after all.

I certainly hope this review was helpful. Perhaps you're ordering now. Or maybe you can't handle being a god? Whatever.... just ORDER NOW!

Addictive fun for a wide range of ages

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 16 / 16
Date: December 29, 2000
Author: Amazon User

I bought the Sims for my 16-year-old daughter for Christmas. Both she and my 20-year-old son home from college for the holidays have had a blast with it. They've both played it individually for so many hours that it's already paid for itself. When they sit down together with it, the comments and laughter that flow from them are a delight. I have spent a bit of time with it, mostly creating and recreating a house (I made it so big the first time that I had no money left over to buy a toilet - my Sim would not have lasted long, I think....). You buy or create your own house and furnish it; create your character(s) [physical aspects, personality]; see to their needs, have them do all sorts of things from dance to tickle to take a shower and get a job. In addition, the computer generates random events (burglars, for example, and visits by other Sim characters). It's a pretty complex and involving game. In fact, be sure that you have enough RAM to play it properly (it works smoothly on my PowerPC 8600 and my son's G3 powerbook, but I'm having to buy additional memory for my daughter's iMac). My one complaint is that you have to have the CD in your machine in order to play, which means only one person can use the game at a time; I assume this is essesntially copy-protection, but does the manufacturer really expect you to buy the game separately for eachperson in a single family? I do highly recommend the game.

Oh. My. Gosh.

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 15 / 15
Date: July 10, 2002
Author: Amazon User

Do you have a God complex? Did you spend your entire childhood playing with dolls and/or action figures? Do you have some time to waste? Good.

This game is endless fun. So endless, in fact, that I'm still addicted to it after more than a year--even WITHOUT the expansion packs (although I did download some skins off the Internet--they're hard to find for Mac users but they are out there).

You pick a family from 1 to 8 people, you build their house, you get jobs for the adults and send the kids off to school, you control how they interact and what they do, you...

...realize it's five in the morning and you've had to go to the bathroom for seven hours.

One funny aspect of this game is that there are only three types of people in it: adults, eight-year-olds, and babies. They totally left out toddlers, teenagers and old people. Those difficult ages :)

I highly recommend this game IF you have time to kill. It's the most fun and enjoyable computer game I have ever played. Otherwise, stay away from it as it is far, far too addictive.

BTW, I've played the Windoze version too and I think the two are identical--at least I haven't noticed any interface differences. But, of course, Macs are better. :)

Buy ONLY if you have an imagination!

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 18 / 20
Date: July 23, 2000
Author: Amazon User

I keep reading reviews from people who think The Sims is about having a good family, house, career, and lots of money (Simoleons). Sad! That's only half the fun! I like the Sims because not only can my people be good, they can be partiers that live in a huge mansion with lots of unknown people, slobs who live in a one-room shack, the Brady Bunch but with twenty more kids... whatever!

If you have a sense of humor and a GOOD imagination, you'll love this game! Why? Because the possibilities are absolutely endless! Open your minds, people!

But if you don't have an imagination, don't buy the game... or you could buy the game then write a one-star review of how boring it is... or just skip the review and create a one room shack for your guy and his three wives to live in!


What a game!

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 14 / 14
Date: November 15, 2000
Author: Amazon User

The Sims is a unique and fun game which you would probanly love!you can create a person (a man or woman)and move into a house or you can build a house for your sim/s.then you can buy alot of neat things to put into your house!After your all moved in you can make your sim/s do all sorts of things,your controling their lives!The Sims is a brilliant game and everyone would probably enjoy it.I also have a great cheat for those of you who have imacs for the sims.while you are playing the game,press apple,control,shift,and C at the same time and a little box should appear at the top left of the screen.type in klapaucius and if that doesnt do anything type in rosebud.then,get the little box to come up again and press !;!;!; as many times as you want.Then look at your amount of money and be amazed! Thank You

Drag me away! I need to sleep, eat, bathe, relax,

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 15 / 16
Date: August 08, 2000
Author: Amazon User

Not to mention social interaction, empty my bladder and clean the house. The only thing I am not needing is fun! This game is great. I played it here and there on the PC version, waiting for the Mac version to come out and now that it has, I might not emerge from the computer room til Christmas! I pre-ordered this and what a surprise when the box arrived at my work. I eagerly took it home and after a couple of initial problems, got it to work fine. Here, I am GOD. It didn't take long to figure out how to make these sims fall in love, marry, get all the spouse's money and then kill them. There are several ways to kill a Sim, figuring it out, or stumbling across this is a bit of fun. I have a household with four people who are all in love with the other three. Glee. Getting them to stop slapping each other and having social interaction, stay in love and not making the other Sims mad is quite a challenge. But FUN FUN FUN. I highly recommend this game, even more so for those with a slightly evil sense of humor. The possibilities are limitless. Also, Alex, the game just came out for the Mac, The PC version had no downloads for the first few weeks. Don't worry, in short time, there will be fan sites, official downloads etc. (they have already put up the moosehead and the first game update to version 1.1.1). BUY THIS AND NEVER SEE DAYLIGHT AGAIN!

Help...I Need Sleep!

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 12 / 12
Date: June 14, 2001
Author: Amazon User

Be warned, their is a major flaw in this game...Its too darn addictive! This is quite possibly Will Wright's (creator of SimCity) masterpiece. Begin by making your perfect Sim (or Frankensim), then move them into one of the 6 prefabricated houses or build your dream house (or shack). Then choose from 10 different career tracks, from Life of Crime (begin as Pickpocket end as Mob Boss) to Law Enforcement (begin as Security Guard end as Seceret Agent). Once you buy the bare nessisities of life (toilet, fridge, bed, chair), get those Sims a moving! The AI (artificial intelligence) on this game is amazing, yet your Sims still can benifit from your wonderful management (or mismanagment if that tickles your fancy) of their every move. As you move up in your Sim Life hire a french maid (ooo la la) to do the cleaning for you. Call friends over, fall in love and get married. Have up to six kids but make sure they study or it's off to military school for them (I dont know but I've been told, scrubbing latrines gets mighty old). The best part is that you can't win the game (come on it's Maxis) so you can just have fun.

great game!

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 11 / 12
Date: November 22, 2000
Author: Amazon User

well, i've had this game for a little over a week now and i'll have to say it's truly addicting. not only is playing the actual game addicting but downloading new clothes or furniture for my Sims off of the Web has also been a time consuming yet also fun part of the game. As for Mac users not being able to use skins and objects for PC, that's untrue. There's a Web site I found (...) which is dedicated to The Sims on the Mac and they'll show you how. i'd have to say that if you liked the SimCity games, you'll like this much more.

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