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a different take on racing

4 Rating: 4, Useful: 16 / 16
Date: August 12, 2001
Author: Amazon User

This is a very cool racing game. Instead of the usual pick a car, track, and race other cars, you actually cruise the streets for opponents, challenge them, and if you win use the money to tune your street machine even more.

There are alot of very innovative things in this game. You cruise the streets in your car, and flash your headlights at other tuned up cars and challenge them to a race. This makes the game very realistic. As you cruise looking for opponents there are civilian vehicles on the road to avoid. The civilian cars are realitivly smart too, if you stop in a lane and put on your hazard lights, they'll change lanes to avoid you, very realistic. You can upgrade your car many ways from adding ground effects to stickers to wheels and horsepower upgrades. The cars are not named (like honda civic, mitsubishi eclipse etc.) they have numbers instead, but are still recognizable to their real life counterparts. There are a TON of rival gangs to race, and a variety of other modes like time attack, and free run.

Although the game is a great new take on racing, the graphics are nothing special. When compared to gran turismo 3's city night scenes, they look very poor. But the graphics are still above psx level, and the cars are very good looking.

This is a great racing game, but if i had to pick one, i would go with gt3. Still it's worth getting tokyo extreme racer zero if you are at all interested in import racing.

hard core racer

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 10 / 11
Date: June 14, 2001
Author: Amazon User

The Good
Realistic (Much like GT)
Plenty of cars (even those not avaible in the US like the Skyline GTR R34)
Customize your own car

The Bad
Fingers hurt from playing too long
Not enough modifications for your car (compared to the real world)

The Ugly
Roads seem too wide
The bystanders switch lanes into you
Start with only 15,000 dollars and can't seem to save money since you waste so much making your car look good

I'll admit that if you did not enjoy GT, RR or Midnight Racing, this is not the game for you. However, if you love japanese cars or love racing games, this is the perfect game for you

Next Gereration Title. Maybe!

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 11 / 13
Date: June 02, 2001
Author: Amazon User

When I first put this game in my PS2 I set my expectation low. I have tried many of the PS2 games that are on the market and I have been very disappointed to say the least. For the exception of a hand full of titles like SSX Snowboarding, Onimusha, Time Splitters and Midnight club the first wave of PS2 games have been very weak indeed. Great graphics terrible gameplay, great gameplay graphics that look like my Sons Nintendo 64 or worse. These games are simply being rushed to the public. The PS2 is FREAKING MONSTER, it only takes a few minutes of the Metal Gear Solid 2 Demo to figure that one out. I think Konami should start some work shops for other software companies to learn how to use the PS2 because they are like 2 years behind their programmers.

We now have a new entry in that short list of quality titles. Tokyo Extreme Racer Zero. First off the Graphics look very crisp and clean. It is the best looking racer on the PS2 system for sure right now. Until you know what comes out anyway! Car models are excellent and really look close to their real life counterparts. If a big dollar import comes rolling up behind you, you will notice they even have those funny new blue looking headlights. Your opponents brake disks glow bright red under heavy braking conditions. The backgrounds are some of the best I have seen in any racing game. When you fly by the buildings the lighting in the windows has to be seen to appreciated. Frame rate is rock solid and moves like SSX did without the slowdown. I did notice some slowdown one time but that was it. This game feels like a sim and takes some getting used to in the control department. There is about a an hour learning curve you will have to go through till you are beating opponents regularly. Upgrades up the wazoo and a solid multi player mode make this racer a sure purchase. If you want a game to keep you occupied till GT3 this is it for sure. Crave entertainment did a great job on this game and should be commended. Keep it up!


5 Rating: 5, Useful: 11 / 13
Date: June 19, 2001
Author: Amazon User

Tokyo Extreme Racing for PS2 is outstanding! The graphics are insane and there is no end to the amount of gameplay. Plus, with close to 400 opponents, the action is just nonstop. I could not put this game down. If I was beaten, I would not let the guy get away until I had beaten him, it was that addictive. I couldn't get over how realistic the graphics are. Although it's not licensed, the cars are so obviously real cars, like Lancers, the new WRX, Celicas, Skylines, Lexus, Honda (of course), Mitsubishi, and many more. Plus, it's connected to the movie The Fast and the Furious so there are bonuses in that respect as well. It's a fast paced, total action, full on racing game that will have you nailed to your seat. I think it's cooler than Midnight Club with better graphics, but all that will probably change when Gran Turismo 3 comes out. But if you're into short races and hot automobile tuning, this is your game.

Great Game

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 9 / 10
Date: February 05, 2002
Author: Amazon User

I rented this game and thought it was great. Although it doesn't have the GT3 graphics it comes close. If you've played GT3 you can't change body panels on your car, but in TER0 you can. The cars aren't licensed by the manufacturers, but look like the real cars(NSX, Supra, Skyline etc.)they are named by mumbo jumbo letters and numbers. You can Change The cars name to what ever you want. You can change the car color if you want, the body with spiolers, side skirts etc. and sup up the engine and suspension. The gameplay is great. you race racers on the street with traffic coming straight at you. There is over 200 miles of road to Race! Also there are many many racers that race you. The racers are AI, they even cover gaps so you don't pass them. The higher your rank in the game the more money you get but the racers are more difficult to beat. This game is great fun with hours of gameplay. The only complaint i have is that there aren't any cops.

The first racing RPG?

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 8 / 9
Date: June 06, 2001
Author: Amazon User

This game is like Pokemon for adults - gotta catch them all! (cars, that is).

The title is a PS2 version of the Dreamcast niche hit, tokyo xtreme racer 2.. which was a much expanded sequel to (yes) tokyo xtreme racer (or tokyo highway battle, or.. whatever it was called in japanese). Anyway, trust me, it has a real pedigree.

Zero is better than the DC version in quite a number of ways - no frame rate issues, no load time while on the highways, more highway buildings and landmarks, no bugs, two player split screen mode, more visual effects, etc etc.. all the good stuff has been preserved however.

Don't expect Gran Turismo 3 quality visuals, some of the tunnels and bridges generate quite nasty moire patterns as they run off into the distance, nor is TXR:0 competing as a touring car simulation .. its a night highway battle simulation, and comes with a little documentary on the street racing scene that shows the inspiration for the game perfectly..

Anyway there is far too much to talk about.. if you are AT ALL interested in road cars and what you can do to tune them up, how they look with new spoilers attached, what different engines sound like and how different models handle, then get this game!! After several weeks of fun, you'll be able to claim that you've weaved down the tokyo-yokohama expressway through night traffic at over 200 mph, in a car you built up resprayed and tuned yourself over many many days.. since it is unlikely you will be able to do this in real life, the game is worth every penny!

The gameplay in TXR:0 is really more than gran turismo in many ways - with 400 opponents to find and beat, each with their own bio, pecularities and often identifiable driving style, (although you can beat the game to get a huge pot of money without beating all 400), by the time you've heard and felt the effect of your first engine upgrade, you'll be an addict..

By the way, the logitech force feedback wheel that has also been re-badged for GT3 also works with this game - and since the games (GT3 vs TXR:0) are very different and complement each other nicely, you have no excuse! you need the wheel and gt3 and tokyo xtreme zero...

(I've put perhaps 30 hours into the game so far, and have unlocked half the highways and less than half the cars in the shop, although I've only tuned up and put 1000 miles on just *one* car .. I'll probably still be playing this title in a month).

Racing game with a personal touch

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 6 / 6
Date: May 01, 2003
Author: Amazon User

ok, straight to the point, GET THIS GAME!, if you are even the slightest bit interested in street racing this is the game for you, it's true that it doesn't have as much cars or tracks as GT3, but thats not what this game is about, the object of this game is to buy a car, race it on the streets of Tokyo, gain money, tune up your car and race some more, the thing that makes this game so much fun is how personal it makes things, you dont race on a track with 8 other nameless opponents, you drive around, looking for your opponent, you come up behind him and flash your highbeems, he lights his hazard lights to acknowledge your challenge and the game is on, you blast through the road going 200 mph dodging traffic, and the interesting thing is although you have a somewhat limited number of opponents (a little more than 380) each of your opponents have their own personality, you can check their profile, learn about what they do for a living and why they tune their cars, then you go out looking for the ones that you wish to challenge, they're not always driving around, the game uses the PS2's internal realtime clock, some of the racers only go out once a week, some of them only at certain time of the day and they either drive around in a certain area or sit and wait at an on-ramp for their next opponent, it makes things so much fun and a lot more realistic, like one time i drove around for an hour hunting down some chick in a BMW M3 that ran me into the wall at the last second causing me to lose the race, you can't help but take things personaly.

tuning your car is a little different too, you dont get all the stuff right from the beginning, you sorta have to earn them, at first you get 2-3 choices for each tuning catagory, after you race for a while you gradually start to get more and more upgrades, like a new type of spoiler, larger rims or a better muffler. and everything you do to your car is visible, like mufflers, lights, wheels even the new rolecage that you installed. and unlike GT3, you can easily notice the difference between 300 HP and 320 HP, how well you set your gears and even the weight of your car.

although it is easy to compare it with GT3 (just like i have), it's actually on a different level, the graphics aren't perfect but their pretty good, the way the cars drive isn't exactly similation grade either, but it comes close, you can't really pull of drifts but when your racing at 200 mph you really can't afford to lose any speed, your opponents give you no mercy, thats not to say the game is very hard, it DOES get very hard later on but the difficulty level rises very gradually so it never gets too hard all of a sudden.

so over all this is one of the must have racing games for the PS2.

Good Game...I recommend it

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 8 / 12
Date: June 20, 2002
Author: Amazon User

If ur a hardcore racer this is the game for u. I street race in real life, and it helps give u an idea how to modify ur real ride. u get Japanese supercars like the NSX, RX7, Skyline, Supra, Lancer EVO, Impreza WRX STi, 280zx. You Even get the European Supercars Like the Porshe 911, BMW M3, Lexus GS400, Lexus SC400, Lexus IS300. Then u get Domestic Muscle with the Dodge Viper V10 engine. When u race u race at night and challenged other racers or get challenged by other racers and then u race with other rival race members and there Leaders of there racing crew... and the wanderers that's the most exciting part because most of them u need to qualify to race them...then there are the Devils, and Zodiaks (top dog racing teams of the game) you get to race them for rank and for $$$ to hook up ur ride. there is atleast 200 miles of track to race so its never ending plus u get to race in 2 player mode too...and there is a (Fast and Furious) preview too.

It gives u an opportunity to hook up ur ride by putting on different variations of body kits from the side skirts, front bumper, overfenders, rear bumpers, hoods, change the headlights (for rally racing on the EVO or the STi WRX) and add spoiler for downforce. Then u are able to paint ur car any color u want wether it be orange or plain black. In tokyo xtreme you are able to go for show or for speed. If its speed u can get different stage mufflers and engines, new tranny's, clutches, etc. Or if your gonna go for both u can have a show and speed car...plus they allow u to set the suspension of the car of drifting by adding rollcages and shocks, springs, coilovers.

Tokyo xtreme offers cars that arent offered here in the US until the the fall of 2002 cars like the Lancer EVO, and the Skyline GTR. You get a chance to experience Japanese Muscle cars...and if drifting isn't the thing for u, u can go test out your 1/4 mile times on the 0-400 track.

the only downsides of this game is that u dont really know what the cars are becuz they are displayed in numbers and letters. The other downside is if u wanted to make ur car a show car u cant customize the paint to be put just on the hood or just on the doors or wing. The other thing that i didnt like about this game is that the only brand that they offered was HKS, they maybe could've added BLITZ, or GReddy also...and u could not put the stickers where u wanted to...The other downside was that some of the cars could not be turbocharged even though they can be in real life...Ex: Civics, Miata, Integera, Prelude, 240sx, 180sx...can be turbocharged.

I recommend this game non-stop hours of fun...

Drop in, and DRIVE!

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 4 / 4
Date: January 10, 2002
Author: Amazon User

Tokyo Racer Zero while in no way a substitute for the almighty Gran Turismo 3. Does prove the fact that you don't need a degree in automotive engineering to play it. The game is simplistic in its design, and reels you in with the lure of the dark sordid world of illegal street racing. I guess that explains why none of the cars are licensed. Oh well that fact aside (you can tell what the cars are supposed ot be without dropping names, anyways)The game's mechanics are easily understood, and then it is off to the highway to do battle with the 400 odd racers with some even odder nicknames. The races are fun and challenging and it soons gets very addictive to win the pot to buy that new spoiler, or air dam you have been eyeing in the PARTS section. I am only a short ways into the game, and already feel like i have gotten my purchase price in enjoyment out of it, and in the big picture that is what TRULY matters.

Tokyo Extreme Racer Pro Or Con?

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 3 / 3
Date: June 11, 2002
Author: Amazon User

Now i have been around the block a few times on Ps2 games and by far the best racing game i found was this one, and i have never regretted buying it. with the nice turning attributes(not found in grand turismo games where turning is a chore) this game will rock the streets. Unlike games like grand turismo, it speciallizes on the outside appearance of the cars,not the inside, which is a big pro.(what is so great about changing spark plugs,anyway?) the lighting is very detailed, and the racing is endless, so why wouldn't you want this game? the only downfall i see is the fact that the music litterally sucks, besides that, buy this game

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