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Great Racing Game - Wonderful Customization

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 36 / 49
Date: November 27, 2005
Author: Amazon User

Need for Speed Most Wanted is a street racing game where the graphics really shine. You see every detail in your Porshe, Mustang, or other racecar.

I've been playing a lot of this and also Project Gotham Racing 3. Both have quite highly detailed car models, with a nice selection to choose from. NFSMW shines in the area of customization. Where PGR3 gives you a few colors to choose from, in this game you can go through a giant range of color choices. Then you can customize the vinyl, and tons of stickers and other options.

You can go through a mission mode where you develop the storyline and learn the characters. You can also do time trial types of challenges, as well as quick races just to have some fun.

The graphics in this game are REALLY nice. First, the car models are great - from the detail of the body to the interior and lights. Next, the characters are really well done, far better than just about any other XBox 360 game I've played so far. The face textures, especially, are quite smooth and life-like. The backgrounds are also quite nice. I really like the mountains in the background, with the forest running down the sides.

The sounds are reasonably good, with the dialogue being OK. Some of it seems a little silly, from the cop deciding to key your car, and the girls acting like toys.

What it really comes down to, though, is having fun street racing, and customizing and choosing new cars. This game obviously isn't realistic. If you slam your car into gas station trash cans at 140mph, your car comes to an immediate stop without any damage at all to the car or the trash cans. You can drive your car down through street light after street light, leaving a trail behind you. The game's about fun fantasy. You have fun driving all of the super-expensive cars you've always wished you could buy - or perhaps you take a car you own and "test it out" in ways your local cops wouldn't approve of.

I do have to comment that some of the cars seem a little squirrley. I've owned Mustangs since I was 18, and have done a bit of high speed driving with them. I don't recall them spinning in circles quite as easily as in the game. Still, maybe the roads in the game are a bit slick :)

Well recommended for car racing lovers who are into customizing and detailing their cars! I do have to say that this game lets you race only against 3 others online, where PGR3 lets you go in a field of 8. So it might be worth it for you to get both games, as each has a different area it is truly great in.

Great until you beat it

3 Rating: 3, Useful: 10 / 11
Date: August 24, 2007
Author: Amazon User

The difficulty of modern games is replayability. NFS Most Wanted is good until you beat it. After that, it locks up every 1-2 races on the XBOX 360. No... it is not the heating problem that is so well known on the 360, this is exclusive to the NFS Most Wanted game. I have no problems with Gears od War, Dirt, Marvel UA, Ridge Racer 6, NCAA Football 08, Madden 07, or FarCry (the other games I have for my 360). It is unacceptable that, once you beat a game, it gets so flakey that it can't even let you have fun with the "career" you've developed. Additionally, the game locked up 2-3 times during the final police chase (I will not reveal what you're trying to accomplish in that chase because, though it is a small one, it's the only thrill you get when you become number 1).

Now, the graphics are great... definitely better than the XBOX version (I have both). It is definitely NOT NFS: Underground. This game is much deeper and better. I simply can't give a game five stars if it locks up on me all the time.

Make this your most wanted racing game

4 Rating: 4, Useful: 8 / 8
Date: November 30, 2005
Author: Amazon User

Need for Speed: Most Wanted sure is memorable. Electronic Arts has struck gold, as Most Wanted is one of the best games in the Need for Speed franchise. It's more of "Cops" and less of "Pimp My Ride", which makes for a much different experience. Humorous cinematics, fast-paced racing, high-speed pursuits, tight controls, and slick graphics make way for an overall package that is worth the $60 price point on the Xbox 360.

Welcome, you're the new guy in town. Like any big-headed car tuner, your goal is to gain the respect of other street racers by pushing the law and becoming the "Most Wanted" racer in town. When you attempt to do this, the locals tamper with your fancy BMW and you're quickly in the hole, losing your pink slip to an arrogant, outspoken hotshot named Razor. Razor doesn't stop there, as he climbs to the peak of the Most Wanted list using your car. Through different races, events, and police chases your goal is to have another race against Razor to get your car back, but there are 14 other Most Wanted racers on the "Blacklist" and hundreds of races waiting for you before you get to him. The story is told through some ridiculously beautiful cutscenes. These scenes mix computer-generated animation, real-life actors, and a fancy color effect to make a look that you have to see to believe. Not to mention, these scenes are usually pretty funny, making them worth watching all the same.

The different races leading up to Razor have the same simple goal; cross the finish line before everyone else as quickly as possible. There are standard Circuit, Lap Knockout, and Sprint races as well as the Drag races that were made famous with the Underground series. Those familiar modes stand next to new challenges that mix things up very slightly. Tollbooth races have you zooming through checkpoints as quickly as possible. Speed-Trap events have speed cameras set up around the course, and each camera determines your speed and gives you a score. The scores accumulate as the event goes on, and at the end, the player with the highest score wins the challenge. If I could say anything about the different races, it's that they're varied enough and downright entertaining enough to keep the gameplay from getting stale and moldy.

When you're not racing in Most Wanted, you've got a free roam in a huge urban, suburban, and rural environment that is bursting at the seams with things to do. Whether you're upgrading your car's superficial aspects or tinkering with newer and better parts, exploring, or causing trouble with the police, there is a lot to do in this game. Speaking of the police, the pursuits in Most Wanted are one of the most exciting aspects of the game. You'll attract the attention of the local feds if you're caught speeding, causing property damage, or collisions on the road. These minor infractions can turn into twenty- or thirty-minute chases that are loaded with spike strips, road blocks, pursuing helicopters, and cop cars that range from your standard beater to Corvette federal chasers. Believe me, it can get nasty when you're taking out cruisers left and right while trying to find a way to shake the heat and end the pursuit. If the races weren't exciting enough for you, these chases should be. They're mostly optional, and the only time they're required is when you're trying to move up on the Blacklist.

The racing controls feel very tight and realistic. The driving physics aren't as realistic as, say, Gran Turismo 4, yet EA managed to do a fantastic job on the controls. The sense of speed is pretty fantastic, especially when you go over a small hill and you're sent flying into the air, sparks and exhaust following you as you fly through the sky, landing with more sparks and a crash. Alongside the frantic pace of the races, the visuals provide quite a show while tearing through the streets. Particles fill the screen when you crash through a roadblock and the shine effect from wet roads or rain is breathtaking. On a high-def television set, Most Wanted is unbelievable. Alongside the visuals, the fast-paced punk rock and metalcore soundtrack and metal-crunching sound effects make for an expertly-presented videogame. The only potential problem that I can see is fans of NFS: Underground complaining that the game takes place mostly in the daytime rather than at night, like Underground and Underground 2 did. This time change results in a completely new color scheme and atmosphere that, quite personally, I preferred.

There isn't much to complain about in Need for Speed: Most Wanted. The opponent racer A.I., unlike the police A.I., is a little too easy at first. They're not very competitive until hours into the game, but that's really the only valid complaint that I have. Most Wanted isn't a revolutionary title but it's something that is a blast to play and it's a great start for racing games on the Xbox 360. Pick it up if you're looking for a racing title or if you liked the Underground series, you won't be disappointed.

(NOTE: I also have this review posted on GameFreaks365.com, where I write reviews on a regular basis.)

Wow! What a Game!

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 8 / 8
Date: January 22, 2007
Author: Amazon User

Need For Speed Most Wanted is one of my favorite racing games that I have ever played. It is fun, original, and just a good game overall.
In this game you start out as a racer who thinks he is the best around. You challenge Clarence Callahan, nicknamed Razor. He is #15 on the "blacklist," which is a group of the best street racers around.
Once you start the race in your BMW M3, you have to stop. Razor sabotaged your car and you are forced to give Razor your car.
Now you want to have revenge and get your car back. But it won't be easy. Razor is now #1 on the blacklist, the top of the food chain. To race him and get your car, you must beat the other 14 racers.
To add to the story, you get pulled over by a police officer, Sergeant Cross. He pulls you over because he thinks you were street racing. When he is just about to impound your car, he gets a call and has to go. Before he leaves, he keys your car and says he will keep an eye on you.

To be able to challenge each blacklist racer, you must meet certain requirements. You must win a certain number of races and milestones, which include the famous pursuit chases that define this great game.
The races are pretty straight forward, so I will just explain the milestones. There are many different types of milestones. You have to go past a radar at a certain speed, or do some things while you are being chased by the police, which gets harder the longer you are being chased. I will get into that later. Some examples of pursuit milestones are that you have be chased for a certain number of minutes and then escape, cause a certain amount of damge to the state, or get a certain amount of bounty which is obtained by damaging police vehicles.

There are 6 Heat Levels, which determine how hard it is to evade the police. At level 1, only local police cars chase you. They are extremely easy because the police lose track of you pretty quickly.
Level 2 consists of undercover police, and simple roadblocks. Hitting the last car in the line normally leads to you breaking through fairly easily.
Level 3 intoduces Manaro Cops, and they are more powerful and can block you in easier than anyone else so far. Also 4WD SUVs called Rhinos try to ram you from the front.
Level 4 is when it starts getting harder. Unmarked GTOs travel in groups of 4. They try to surround your car, and then hit the brakes. Watch out because they can box you in very well. Helicopters come in to play also. This makes it hard for the police to lose track of you because the helicopter calls in your position. Spike strips are used in addition with road blocks to try to stop you. If you go over a roadblock, you will lose 99.9% of the time. You will lost speed and eventually stop. This is when the police box you in and arrest you. The roadblocks are hard because the police use the SUVs in them. What makes it even harder is that they sometimes also put spike strips in.
Level 5 is extremely difficult to evade from. The helicopters are harder to evade, and Cross Corvette cars start chasing you. In this heat level, there is sometimes a second car behind the first row of the roadblocks. This means you have to go through both rows of SUVs because spike strips are usually on the other side of the road.

Level 6 is only reached on the last level of the game. I don't want to give away the ending, so I will just say that Sargeant Cross comes joins the chase to try and stop you.

Multiplayer is fun, but nothing compared to the singleplayer gameplay. 4 racers can compete at a time. You can do sprint, circuit, and drag races. Unfortunately, no police chase you in multiplayer.

In conclusion to this very detailed report, this is a great game! The visuals are stunning, and the gameplay will keep you occupied for countless hours. I wanted to say what happened in the end of the game, but you will have to work hard like I did to find out! Get this game and have fun for a long time!
Sorry to make this review so long, but I want to convince you to buy this game!

Best in the series, one of the best on 360

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 9 / 10
Date: November 24, 2005
Author: Amazon User

Okay, when you read this review, you need to keep in mind that I'm 25% of the way through the game, so I haven't seen everything it has to offer. However, I figured it'd be a good idea to get a solid review on Amazon for all of you who, like myself, were lucky enough to score a 360 on launch day and need to know what to buy. Since this was the first game I bought, it's only appropriate that it's the first one I review. On to the actual review...

I've been a fan of the NFS games since NFS: Hot Pursuit back in the day, and I think it safe to say that this is the best game in the series thus far. It strikes an almost perfect balance between Hot Pursuit 2 and the Underground games- You have a wide open world to explore, but can jump from event to event if you so choose. Police will chase you, whether you're in a race or just out for a drive. Cars range from a Chevy Cobalt SS to a Porsche Carerra GT, so you've got a nice mix of tuners (Supra, RX 7 and 8, but sadly no R34 Skyline), Muscle (well, really just the Mustang... but it's pretty sweet), and of course high end (various Porsche, Lambo Gallardo, etc.).... It seems like EA really paid attention to what people loved about the older games (good car selection, police chases, nitrous, modification) and ditched a few things that were really bothersome, i.e. having to drive from race to race in Underground 2. Oh, and the graphics are amazing. It looks respectable on Xbox, but this version is just mind-blowing.

The gameplay itself is very solid. You switch between standard fare races and taking on the "Blacklist" of 15 racers, the top one of whom has a personal vendetta against you. This also makes for a solid, interesting story line- MUCH better than in NFS:U2. The core gameplay will be familiar- take a combination of races from Underground and Hot Pursuit 2, and throw in some better cops, and you have this game. I know it probably sounds like this game is nothing more than a rehash, but there are some new features. 1. Nitrous recharges with time, so you can get several good full nitrous blasts out in a race. 2. Racebreakers. Think bullet time, but for cars. Allows for better handling for an approximately 10 second period. 3. Chasebreakers. Allow you to destroy property and either incapacitate cops, or distract them. -All these features come together to create a game that, while not the most inventive thing ever, provides enough innovation and new material to keep you interested.

In summary, I would have to say that although I've not played PGR3 or Ridge RAcer 6, this game is a safe buy. You know what you're getting, and chances are, you love it. This is up there with Underground 1 and Hot Pursuit 2 for my favorite NFS game, likely because it takes so much from those two. I recommend this game for anyone who has ever enjoyed a Need for Speed game before, anyone with any interest in racing games or tuning, and for anyone who needs something to play on their 360 right now. Out of the games I've played- Call of Duty 2, Perfect Dark Zero, Kameo, and this- this can hang with the best of them. It's my personal favorite of the games I have (just this and PD right now), and has spent the majority of the past few days in my system. In fact, it may've already caused me to lose as much sleep as sitting in a line at Best Buy for 13 hours :-P

So, if you want to race, buy this game.

Enjoy! :-)


5 Rating: 5, Useful: 9 / 10
Date: December 01, 2005
Author: Amazon User

This is the best Need for Speed game yet, by far. The graphics are incredible on the Xbox 360. What makes this game so much fun is the gameplay and the storyline. You can free roam like in the last game but now it is more challenging because of the cops. There are a ton more of different types of races and way more street racers to take down on the streets. when the cops are chasing you it's like a movie. They sound so real when the are talking over there radios. The cops are also really smart when it comes to knowing where to find you. That adds to the challenge of the game. I would really recommend this game to anybody who likes racing games. This game is awesome!!!!!!!

Fast & Xbox 360 Furious

4 Rating: 4, Useful: 16 / 29
Date: January 06, 2006
Author: Amazon User

I always have been a huge sucker for the thrills of racing games. I absolutely know what it is like to be a gamer in this era. However, as a fan of the Need For Speed series, I enjoyed those days during the Hot Pursuit era. When it did hit the Underground editions a few years ago, I was definitely not as impressed as I thought it was going to be. The gameplay was thrilling, but it didn't have a whole lot around. Now for Microsft, thry have definitely pulled it all the way out with the Xbox 360. When I've played around with it, I thought this was one of the most unique game systems ever, and I was right. Now, those Xbox 360 owners, have a thrill for the speed.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted for Microsft's Xbox 360, is a wild and fierce game that really tests your thrill of the chase to the limit. The object of the game is for you to climb the notorious most wanted list, by going at it against the thrills of the chase by the cops, and other villainous foes like Razor and Vic. Not only that, you also can unlock some fast rides like the Porsche Carerra GT, a definitive Lambourghini, the Ford Mustang GT, and the sleek Subaru Impreza WRX to name a few. The gameplay is truly remarkable, and is a marvel for those who have the definition of High Definition televisions. The graphics are absolutely some of the very best I've seen in years for a Need For Speed game, and really deliver not just in the gameplay, but the storyline as well. The control is absolutely easy to pick up with each car and mission you unlock in the fierce chase, while the music is the most driven that has ever delivered for the franchise. In this game you don't only have mission modes, you also have modes like drag racing, circuit, toll booth and free roaming modes too. While the gameplay may seem like old hat for Meed For Speed: Underground fans, it is also a great return for those who've missed the Hot Pursuit days, and absolutely delivers to the bone.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted is arguably a great launch title for the Xbox 360. I absolutely suggest this for anybody who just bought this most revolutionary console, and for anybody who loves the series. Although it has been showcased fairly well for the other systems like the original Xbox, and Playstation 2, this is one of the most definitive deliveries for Xbox 360. Do you feel the need to be most wanted? If you do, I suggest you buy this rush.

Graphics: A 1/2+

Sound: B+

Control: B 1/2+

Fun & Enjoyment: B+

Overall: B+

Incredible graphics, great variety in gameplay and tons of fun.

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 5 / 6
Date: December 24, 2005
Author: Amazon User

This game is incredible for an early launch title. The graphics are incredible, the gameplay is full of variety and has great multiplayer engine as well. If you have any interest in racing games, this is a must have title of the early xbox titles. So far the only negative that I have for this game is the hours of time is takes away from my life :-)

Tons of fun - Must Have!

4 Rating: 4, Useful: 3 / 3
Date: June 04, 2006
Author: Amazon User

AWESOME GRAPHICS and VERY FUN gameplay put this high on my list of "must-have's"! I could ramble on about how much I love this game, but I must also mention the following;

1. In real life, your vehicle is NOT indestructible as it is in this game. However, this simple oversight can be easily offset by the fact that (in later levels at least) the cops are on you HARD!!
2. You might sustain wrist damage from pounding your fist against the couch cushion when you get "Busted" just seconds from your goal!

Everything else about this game is PERFECT! If you love racing games, you simply MUST have this title in your arsenal!


5 Rating: 5, Useful: 3 / 3
Date: June 21, 2006
Author: Amazon User

Do you ever wonder why in "normal" racing games you mostly have made up cars and you dont get to do what you want to do ? This game is the BOMB! i play it every day for at least 5 hours. It is unbelievable,

- graphics. A+++++
-freedom. A+
-just plain awesome. A+

If you play this game, you are going to spend most of your days on the couch laying there playing the game. Trust me, i guarentee that you will be happy with this game.

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